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AbleTeam offers dedicated hosting and shared hosting services to both large and small customers (since 1997).

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Dedicated Servers

We offer dedicated servers custom designed to meet your needs. Servers include dedicated web servers, dedicated mail servers (with antivirus filtering, spam filtering), dedicated FTP servers, and dedicated application servers. We provide the equipment, do the installations, and we help you manage the server. Save money and get exactly the services you need. Check Dedicated Servers Hosting for more info.

Web Hosting and Email Hosting

Hosting services include complex ecommerce sites, sites with thousands of mailboxes, all the way to simple starter hosting plans with none of the expensive extras you don't really need. The plans include features that let you do e-commerce, database applications, secure transactions, domain name aliasing, sub-webs, and much more. Our email provides the latest in antivirus scanning, spam filtering, and special webmail access.

Colocation Services

We provide colocation services to customers who wish to co-locate their own equipment in our Data Center. This gives you an excellent environment filled with redundancy and backup features to ensure the reliability you need for your Internet applications and your equipment. Check Server Colocation Hosting for more info.


Referrers, Resellers, and Partners

Check out our partner and reseller programs. We are always eager to find new ways we can work with you to meet the needs of our mutual customers. We have programs that offer referral incentives, discount prices, and special services for our partners. Check our Reseller and Partner Programs for more information.

  • Intel and AMD
  • 80 GB Hard Disks
  • Linux and Windows
  • Control Panel
  • MUCH more...
  • FREE Setup


  • We handle:
  • Rack mounted servers
  • Tower Servers
  • Full or Partial racks
  • Caged Areas
  • Dedicated Bandwidth
  • Secure Facility
  • UPS, and more...



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