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Our history dates from April 1997, when we started as a web design company. We grew rapidly. Within a year, we had added web hosting, custom database development, dialup services, dedicated access, co-location services, marketing services, and more.

Web Design, Web Hosting and More
Over the years, we developed a wide range of very complex websites. They required custom database applications, e-commerce solutions, secure servers and more. The more complex our websites became, the more reliability and consistency became a critical part of our hosting services.

Originally, we provided web hosting services only for the websites we developed. We received so many requests to host sites we had not developed that we added that service. In 1998, we were recognized by Microsoft as one of their select group of Web Presence Providers (WWP) for our skill in hosting websites developed with Microsoft FrontPage. We have kept with this program and continue to support the latest Microsoft FrontPage software.

Specialize and Focus in Hosting Services
As we continued to grow, we added more staff to the web hosting part of the business. In 2001, we made a decision to specialize in web hosting, email and the online marketing sides of our business. We sold the part of the business that was ActionWeb Services (web design and development) and renamed ourselves Able Team, Inc. We renamed our various services under the name "Able...". Since that decision, we have seen continued growth. Today we host hundreds of websites from customers all over the world, including multi-national corporations with operations throughout Europe and Asia. We offer an ever-growing variety of hosting services, including colocation, dedicated mail servers, dedicated web servers, email hosting and more.

Our Future
As we gaze into the future, we know we will add more services and more features to handle the growing demand for high-quality web hosting. We have already begun adding unique products such as dedicated servers, custom email hosting, dedicated web server hosting, and more. We feel prepared to meet these future challenges. We have made good investments in our equipment, our network, and our staff. We are ready to meet the continuing challenges of our high-tech industry.

For More Information
If you would like more information about any of our services, please feel free to contact us.


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