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Partner and reseller programs pay commissions on referrals for web hosting and web marketing services.We offer special incentives to people who refer to us. To qualify for the reseller program, all you have to do is to refer one customer to us. You then qualify for all of the special discounts and incentives listed below. If you have questions about how these programs may apply to you, please contact us.

Incentives to Our Referrers

50% Discount for Hosting Your Website
If you select the Silver, Gold, or Platinum Plan for your website, we offer you a 50% discount from the listed price. For example, for the Gold Plan (Annual), this represents a savings of $199.75 for you.

Bonus Marketing Support
We will provide you with free Urchin reports for your website so you can get more detailed information about the visitor traffic to your website. You are also eligible for discounts on our online marketing services from These discounts apply both to you and your customers.

25% Commission Plus on Hosting Referrals (
For every customer you refer, we provide you with compensation equal to 25% of the revenue we receive. For example, for the Gold Plan (Annual), this represents a commission to you of $99.88. (Please note there is no commission for referrals to the Starter Plan.)

25% Commission on Domain Name Registrations (
For every new domain name you register through us, we will provide you with 25% of the revenue we receive. For example, if a customer signs up for a two year .com name for $45, you will receive $11.25.

25% Commission on Email Services (
For each new custom email account you bring to us, you receive a 25% commission. If, for example, you refer an email account to us with 30 mailboxes (our fees are $399 plus $25 setup), your commission will be $99.75.

25% Commission on Marketing Services (
For each new account you bring to us, you receive a 25% commission on the basic submission service package we offer to customers. If you bring both of these to us ($750), then your commission would be $187.50.

Comprehensive Reseller Fee Schedule
Once you have signed up, we will make our comprehensive list of services and fees available to you. This includes many more services where you can earn significant revenue as a member of the AbleTeam Reseller Group.

Referral Banners and Links
Some of our customers prefer to use banners and links on their websites to bring visitors to our site. If you are interested in this program, please contact us for details. When your referrals become our customers, we identify them and provide appropriate commissions to you. These programs usually involve something like placing a link or a small graphic on your website (that you host with us) and encourages your visitors to contact us for hosting services. When we receive the referral, you get the credit.


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