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To register a name now, or to see if the one you want is available, you can click here.

What do people use domain names For?

There are quite a few uses for domain names. This list includes just a few of the more popular uses:

  • The most obvious use is to establish a domain name consistent with their company or organizational name.
  • Use it as the name of your website, like
  • Use it for your email address, so that people can send email to you at
  • Use it for special products and/or services you offer. Domain names can be made to "point to" designated websites. For example, you can get a domain name of and point it to your website. This means anyone putting in will be directed to you. You can even send them to specific pages on your website, such as where you can tell them all about your product.
  • Register your name with the new .us and .info and .biz to get that domain name that was taken by someone else. These are all legitimate USA extensions that were established to provide some options for organizations who could lost out on registering the name they wanted with the .com or .net
  • Use it to help market and promote your products. The Internet is so "cluttered" that it is difficult to be found if you are trying to sell multiple things. But if you have several products that have brand recognition a
  • Protect your brand identity. If you are a manufacturer with brand name products, it is a good idea to register your brand names. Not only will it bring in additional traffic to your website, but it will also prevent the problems you will experience when one or more of your distributors or retailers decides to register it.
  • Register your name with the new .us and .info and .biz to protect your name from other people who would register that name and cause confusion and loss of visitors to your site.

Now you can get that domain name before it is too late. Just click here.


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